Business Consulting

In today’s interconnected business world, everything is organic. Personal challenges affect team coherence and business performance. Personal life and work life are interwoven now more than ever before, presenting unique business challenges.

We create a culture of peak performance in your business, increasing team productivity and performance and generating increased revenue by skillfully integrating technology, process improvement and organizational change management.

By creating a culture of continuous improvement we equip your organization to surpass any challenge in a rapidly changing global economy.

Online Training and Development

Is life going the way you planned? Do you feel stuck, lost or lacking a clear path or purpose? Or maybe life is going as planned, but you feel like you can be, do and have so much more. If yes, then our peak performance training programs were designed just for you.

Our easy online learning system gives you the skills to master your relationships, make more money, build your self-esteem, get out of debt and so much more. You learn at your own pace, at your convenience, through fun, real-world challenges that create personal success.

What would life look like if you could design it the way you want it to be?

Transformational Seminars

Are you ready to make a difference in the world and unlock your potential?

Unleash your awesome at our next intensive training seminar where we integrate fun, experiential learning and real-time, on-the-spot coaching and mindset training. Be inspired to create major life changes just by sitting in the room and having fun while making new friends.

Enhance your leadership skills, find success through self-discovery, 10X your business or career, master the art of relationships and create the life you always wanted at our next event.

What if a single event could change your entire life forever?


Our Message

For over 2 decades, Larry Camejo and his expert peak-performance team have delivered business and personal development solutions through a powerful synergy of technology, experiential learning and behavioural change management that resonates with our audience at the deepest level. We apply an empirical approach, using life or business impact as our primary success indicator. We provide clearly measurable improvements to your business and lifestyle through a fun approach that feels like a game.

Hundreds of women now live free from fear as graduates of our WEPN Self-Leadership and Protection program. By applying traditional warrior principles to modern challenges we created a psychological foundation that had a major positive impact on their self-image, career, finances and lifestyle. We applied this concept to youth conflict and violence at schools across our community, creating hundreds of conscious young leaders. This leadership culture has fueled a positive shift in academics, communication and emotional resilience among youth.

Our business technology, leadership and organizational change management solutions have transformed team communication and collaboration, measurably increasing efficiency, productivity and performance. Through our technology and telecommunications solutions, we have reduced fixed-costs up to 40% for small businesses while enhancing their revenue base and social citizenship profile.

Next Steps...

Research has shown that changing 2 or 3 keystone habits will cause an exponential shift in your life or business.

What would a major change in your finances, career, productivity or relationships mean to you?

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