Trauma Coaching

As a Social Enterprise, human and community development will always be at the forefront of our mission. By unleashing the awesome of the marginalized and overlooked members of our community we activate an extremely powerful and untappped resource of potential.

By building resilience and creating personal success stories, we create a multiplier effect, triggering new ideas and actions that drive positive personal and social transformation.

We provide the advanced life skills needed by every individual to take personal responsibility and ownership of their lives and to make success a daily habit.

Through experiential training, peak performance coaching and mentor development we create the next generation of leaders and change-makers who are solving 21st century challenges.

Youth Excellence and Success System (YESS)

YESS secures our future by providing Youth with the critical life skills, tools and mindset to build resilience, design their careers and create the lifestyle they want to live and truly thrive as adults.

Youth also learn in-demand professional workplace skills such as Leadership, Communication, Emotional Management, Teamwork and Conflict Management. They also get a foundational understanding of Entrepreneurship, providing them with a complete foundation for income resilience in the knowledge economy.

Since many of our Youth have to deal with the challenges of marginalization, bullying and personal safety concerns, we also deliver Personal Protection training that gives them comprehensive aggression management tools and legally defensible approaches to dealing with intimidation and violence. This provides a safe and secure foundation upon which they can create whole life success.

Feminine Excellence, Achievement and Resilience through Leadership, Empowerment, Synergy and Success (FEARLESS) 

The FEARLESS Peak Performance program is a complete, advanced life skills system specially designed  for women who are building a foundation for life-long success.

It is a complete Personal Development and Peak Performance system that creates the core physical, emotional and psychological foundation needed by today's women to navigate the unique challenges they may face. Our graduates are well trained to meet the demands placed upon the 21st Century woman and overcome all obstacles on her path to personal success.

The women of FEARLESS are leaders in their families, careers, their community and in business. They embody the self-actualized woman and are mentors and role models to young women, teaching them how to activate their personal power and project it towards exceptional personal achievement, however they choose to define it.

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Men Achieving Xceptional Impact through Unity, Mentorship and Success (MAXIMUS)

The MAXIMUS Peak Performance program is an advanced life skills and self-discovery process specifically designed for men.

It develops the core physical, emotional and psychological foundations of integrated masculinity. We redefine manhood to encompass integrated personal power and excellence. We develop men who are not just strong in "traditional" concepts of masculinity, but are also emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually developed and equipped to face the diverse challenges of 21st Century life.

We coach and mentor men of all ages to be role models of excellence, to take responsibility and personal leadership of their lives and be exceptional assets to their spouse, family, community and society. The men of MAXIMUS are emotionally conscious and connected while having the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fortitude to stand on guard for what is most important.

Are you ready to Stand on Guard for Your Future?

YESS, FEARLESS and MAXIMUS utilize deep mental, emotional and physical training, peer mentorship and peak performance coaching to support long-term personal advancement. Courses are all taught by our award-winning team of certified trainers both online and in-person at our events. All participants gain applied, advanced skills in:

  • Success and Peak Performance Mindset
  • Conflict Management
  • Personal Leadership
  • Personal Protection
  • Emotional Management
  • Networking and Relationship Management
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Career and Lifestyle Design
  • Wealth Creation
  • Self Care and Wellness

These are the single most powerful advanced life skills systems you will ever meet. They unlock your inner power and transform your world from Victimhood to Victory in any environment.

Graduates of each course have the option of increasing their community impact by becoming a member of our elite NEXUS teams in their own community, armed with the next-level mindset, skills and techniques to become engines of long-term community development and social transformation.

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Trauma Coaching

Sometimes, our capacity for peak performance is crippled by violence and deep personal trauma. In these cases we must stop and focus on self-healing before we can take meaningful steps towards a lifestyle of success. Peak performance demands that we be our best in mind, body, emotions and spirit.

We have trained thousands of Women, Men, Youth and Seniors. Many of them have encountered deep trauma and have never fully recovered from their experiences. We have supported many of our clients through life traumas and provided the tools and tactics to re-take command of their inner self and slowly rebuild their lives.

As behavioural change management and conflict management experts we have leveraged over 2 decades of hands-on experience using multiple modalities to create personalized recovery solutions for victims of trauma and violence. Our approach delivers powerful transformation, even after other methods and therapies have had limited results.

Our approach addresses trauma at mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual dimensions to ensure that the issue is completely resolved, and all aspects of the psyche are re-integrated into the whole. We provide an environment for clients to heal at the deepest levels of their being and create a fully functional lifestyle that is free from fear with the promise of a better life.

Our Partnerships

We work with Corporate, Community and Not for Profit organizations to deliver powerful training events and   coaching support that promote advanced life skills and provide the resilience to overcome life challenges and self-actualize.

We also support our Not for Profit partners through the process of securing the funding needed to deliver best-in-class programs to those who need it the most.

We have collaborated with many organizations across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Some of our strategic partners are featured below.

Safe City Mississauga

Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre

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